Creation of the shirts

    Creation of the shirt

    We captured moments during the process of making a Thomas Maine shirt, from selecting the fabric to hand stitching and finishing touches.
    You can see the result here:


    Easy to wear, easy to care for

    A shirt from Thomas Maine is long-wearing and easy to care for. Common sense and a little careful attention are all you need. If you follow our simple instructions for laundering and ironing, your Thomas Maine shirt will be a pleasure to wear many years to come.
    Always wash white and coloured garments separately.
    To preserve the brightnes of colours, we recommend that you use detergent which is specially formulated for delicate fabrics. Only use an all-purpose detergent for whites.
    Always check article’s care label and follow the washing instructions.
    Turn shirts inside out, and fold collars and cuffs inwards to reduce wear and tear edges.

    Cotton shirts

    Thomas Maine cotton shirts can be laundered at light-wash, 30°C. Shirts with dark or printed colours should be washed separately. Always use fine laundry detergent and avoid centrifuging. Allow the garment to drip dry.


    Our Non-Iron range is exactly what it says. The secret lies in the state-of-the-art weaving. Instead of being pressed, the cotton is weaved in closed systems which ensure the crease-free effect, guaranteeing at the same time the value and extreme quality of this cotton, which is one of the purest in the world.
    Wash the shirt at 30°C. Do not overfill the machine. We recomend use of fabric softener in the final rinse. Do not wring the shirt but hang it on a hanger and pull the collar and cuffs into shape.
    The shirt will dry smoothly, virtually wrinkle free and after 5-15 minutes wear, all remaining crease will disappear.

    Woolen knitwear

    Wool should be either hand-washed or machine-washed in cold or lukewarm water. Always use fine laundry detergent and rinse thoroughly in cold water several times. Press the water out gently, do not twist, and then wrap the garment in a terrycloth towel. Lay the garment on a flat surface to dry at room temperature. Avoid drying in sunlight, on a radiator, in a drying cabinet, spin-dryer or any other warm place.


    The best result is achieved if you hang the shirt on a coat hanger and allow it to drip dry, instead of centrifuging. The shirt is then ironed before it is completely dry. 100%-cotton shirts should be ironed at full heat. Never starch a Thomas Maine shirt, not even with spray starch! Starch will make the finest fabrics feel like paper.

    Shirt details

    What makes a Thomas Maine shirt unique?

    Attention to the details is what determines the quality of a garment. Each Thomas Maine shirt consists of 23 components that are cut and assembled with exacting precision. The process involves 60 distinct operations that are checked at five critical inspection stations. Thanks to skilled designers, cutters and tailors, we have refined this technique and perfected our shirts over the course of the years.


    Our dress shirt neckband ensures a crisp tailored appearance, even when the tie comes off.

    Notched Barrel Cuffs

    This tailored detail is both timeless and masculine.


    Our seams are sewn using double needle stitching for a sharp, clean finish with added strength.


    Every Thomas Maine shirt employs cross-stitched buttons. This anchors the button so it remains securely attached. Stacked buttons ensure quality and durability.


    Thomas Maine uses a select multi-process finish that strengthens the fabric, keeps it looking fresh all day, and makes the fabric easy to care for. Business travelers appreciate a crisp, creaseless look with a light iron or steam.

    Match Construction

    Our patterned shirts are constructed with fully matched plackets on the front of the shirt and shirt cuffs. Typically found on custom-made shirts, this feature ensures fabric pattern consistency. We also take the time to hand match the shoulder and side seams, thus preserving the pattern throughout.

    Quality fabrics

    The world’s finest fabrics

    We know comfort is as much about texture as it is about looking good in a garment. The better a fabric feels against your skin, the better you’ll look. Thomas Maine engineers every fabric for luxurious comfort, so our shirts actually feel great against your skin.
    We use only fabrics from the foremost European manufacturers, most of them woven from the finest Egyptian cotton. In our spring and summer collections you’ll also find shirts in high-quality linen, and in the autumn we often present collections with beautiful shirts in cotton/cashmere.
    Our long-staple cotton shirts are plied and woven into high thread count fabrics that are as soft as luxury bedding.

    Quality fabrics



    Buttons play an important role as a design element. Thomas Maine has shirts with both solid and multi-coloured buttons. The material is often  mother of pearl.


    Mother-of-pearl buttons

    Mother-of-pearl buttons are unique, each button is handcrafted from natural material. The first step is to choose the right shell in relation to the colour, size and thickness of the finished button. Then, the buttons are cut, sorted and checked for quality. This is done by hand, and two techniques are used to make the holes. This is done manually with a special tool or with a machine which employs as many as eight different tools at a time. Thereafter, the buttons are polished, coloured and/or surface-coated. Finally, the buttons are polished to a glossy or matte finish.