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Working for a better world

The luxury menswear collection of Thomas Maine means working on a better world!

At this time the fashion world is changing when it comes to striving for a better industry. Because of Thomas Maine wants to deal responsibly with these changes, we opt for sustainable production in order to prevent pollution and improve working conditions. 

Above all we are fully committed to the welfare of humans and animals and ensure that chemicals are used as little as possible during the production process. For example: We take our responsibility to make the production of our luxury menswear collection processes more sustainable in practice. In this way we try to reduce CO2 emissions.  

Over the years Thomas Maine has developed close, personal relationships with our manufacturers to craft high quality goods.  Just like a more positive impact on the environment because of less waste, and more use of sustainable resources. 

As a rule our manufacturers must feel proud and confident to be part of the Thomas Maine family. We ensure they are all paid fairly and treated well. 

For example we inspect our manufacturers every few months. Our manufacturers have annual inspections from other international companies as well, and receive these certificates: (ISO9001-2008/SA8000/EMS/GOTS/OKETEX) 

Be the best version of yourself

Be the best version of yourself! Wear Thomas Maine!

Thomas Maine has been known for years for its exclusive shirts with perfect fits. Our motto is: Be the best version of yourself. The collections are classic and modern with a contemporary twist. The design and production of Thomas Maine shirts, jackets and pullovers are done at the highest level and therefore exude pure exclusivity and craftsmanship.

Thomas Maine has touched the heart of the successful man, the man who knows exactly where his needs in terms of fashion lie and the man who knows what he stands for and likes to express this through a perfect clothing choice. It is the man with a sense of style who wants to be the best version of himself.

Because of the great know-how in the field of fashion, the success of Thomas Maine has rapidly increased. Due to the varied collections. The fans of the brand can safely pick up their fashion heart. Above all the brand knows how to turn every collection into a big spectacle. With an eye for detail, we work hard every season on a great men’s collection that perfectly matches contemporary fashion trends.

Thomas Maine is the fashion brand where quality and luxury are paramount and where craftsmanship is guaranteed.

Last but not least: Be the men with classy and style! Wear Thomas Maine

Our merino collection

The Merino collection of Thomas Maine

Thomas Maine is known for its Merino collection. A collection that consists of the most beautiful items such as soft sweaters and pullovers. Merino wool is one of the softest wool types in the world and comes from the Merino sheep. The sweaters of merino wool are not only warm but also very comfortable, partly due to the light weight. Merino wool continues to breathe, thus retaining body heat. The wool is wonderfully warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

Due to the high demand for the Merino collection, Thomas Maine releases a new collection every season. There are sweaters with a v neck or a round neck, but the Thomas Maine sweaters are also released in multiple colors that are fully adapted to the trends and colors of that season.

What is very important with a merino wool item is the care of this. We recommend washing the sweaters by hand with warm water and a little wool detergent. Do not use fabric softener. After washing, roll the garment into a clean towel and gently squeeze out the water. The garment must never be wrung. Then place it on a flat surface so that it can dry safely here. Never hang the sweater, this may cause it to lose its shape.